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Rhinoplasty is a technically challenging and delicate procedure that requires a skillfull plastic sureon who is maticulus and has a keen eye for detail. Each individual has a different and a distinctive nose, but the most important aspect of performing a rhinoplasty is not the procedure itself but to have a clear idea of the realistic expectation of the patient. A beautiful nose shape is important because it stands at the center of the face and gives harmony to the overall facial appearance.

Rhinoplasty is also important in treating the aging face. As we age, the tip of the nose becomes droopier and the nose can becomes longer. Elevating the tip and shortening the nose in aging face makes the overall face more youthful and usually combined with other facial procedures.

There are many techniques in performing nose reshaping surgeries and also dependent on their ethnique background. We treat all types of patients but specialize in reshaping Asian noses.

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