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Facial Procedure


There are surgical and non surgical procedures to enchance the appearance of the lips. Good candidates for lip augmentation are those with thin lips or patients with normal lips that want a fuller appearance. Injections or implants can enhance a natural look, but they're not designed to create a radical chan ge in your appearance.

As with any medical procedure, you should tell your doctor of any allergies or any medicati ons that you are taking, and you will be required to discuss your medical history. Certain conditions or d iseases can increase your chances of complicatio ns, such as history of oral herpes, blood clots, or poor circulation. If you are a smoker, this may also be a complicating factor.


This procdure is performed in the office setting with local anesthesia to make you more comfortable. The local anesthetic (pain killer) may be topical (applied to the skin) or injected prior to the procedure. Most common material used in the lips are hylauronic acids(restylane, hylaform, juviderm).


More invasive procedures are done in our certified outpatient surgery center. Most procedures can be done under straight local anesthesia but mostly are done in conjunction with IV sedation to make patients more comfortable. Implantables can vary from using Alloderm( dermal matrix), fascia, or fat. Each individual's needs are different so it is very important to have a consultation.


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