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MediEssence™ Diet Program

MediEssence™ is a state-of-the-art weight loss program that integrates the most recent scientific advances in research on human metabolism, endocrinology, and diet.

The three pillars of the program are:

MediEssence™ Drops: a liquid medication that the patient takes twice a day without requiring needles or self-injection. The MediEssence™ Drops accelerate your body's conversion to burning the calories contained in your own fat for energy rather than relying on eating large amounts of food.

MediEssence™ Meal Replacement Shakes : A custom designed nutritional system tailored to accelerate the rate of weight loss achieved with Medi Essence, while providing patients with all the vitamins and nutrients they require during the Medi Essence Diet Program

Medi Essence Diet Pills: A proprietary combination of fat-burning accelerants, thermogens and and appetite suppressants that amplifies the effect of the Medi Essence Drops.

How Does MediEssence™ Work?

MediEssence™ attacks the problem of obesity from two different directions simultaneously. It increases your body's ability to power itself by burning the tremendous reservoir of calories you carry around in your body fat. In most people this excess fat accumulates in their thighs, hips, and bellies.

At the same time, MediEssence™ also blunts your appetite so that you can take in far fewer calories while you are on the program than you normally consume, but without experiencing those sharp hunger pangs that defeat so many well-intentioned dieters. The decrease in your caloric intake further forces your body to burn the excess calories contained in your fatty tissues to meet your daily energy needs, resulting in a visible decrease in the size of these fat deposits over the course of the program, as demonstrated not only by a decrease in your weight on the scale, but, even more dramatically, by a change in the way your clothes fit you.

How Is The Medi Essence Diet Program Structured?

The Medi Essence Diet Program is a doctor-supervised weight loss program: Physicians trained in the Medi Essence Program oversee patients during every phase of their weight loss treatment to maximize the results they can achieve. This begins with an intake exam during which a history and physical is performed, and special note is taken of the patient's eating habits, as well as previous attempts at diet and weight loss. During this visit, besides noting the patient's starting weight and percentage body fat, precise measurements are made of various key anatomic areas that will be used as metrics of the patient's weight loss progress.

The brevity of the Medi Essence Program, just three short weeks, make it a far more realistic and achievable diet program for the average person, than the typical diet regimen that can go on for months, or even years. After a break to allow your body to adjust to its new weight set-point, you can repeat the Medi Essence Program for another short three week interval, and achieve additional weight loss.

Details of MediEssence™

By enrolling in the MediEssence™ Diet Program, you have elected to benefit from one of the most advanced diet systems currently available. The MediEssence™ Diet Program will not only accelerate your weight loss but also allow you to maintain a stricter control of your body weight once you have achieved your weight loss goal.

MediEssence™ is an advanced diet program that integrates the latest scientific advances in weight loss medications with time-honored traditional weight loss remedies, sophisticated nutritional supplementation, and diet strategies to make your weight loss results more rapid, more predictable, and longer lasting.

The MediEssence™ Diet Program can be employed for either one or two weeks. During the one week MediEssence™ Diet Program, you will most likely lose between 5 and 10 lbs. On the two week program you will lose 10 to 15 lbs, although results may vary. The MediEssence™ Diet Program is designed to be of a short duration to allow you to achieve your goals quickly and to see measurable results that allow you to maintain your momentum and enthusiasm during the course of the program.

In addition, as plastic surgeons we see the harmful effects of massive rapid changes in weight on patients' skin elasticity and draping. While the MediEssence™ Diet Program is designed to achieve rapid results for patients, it does so in increments that maximize the skin's ability to properly redrape and regain elasticity before the next weight loss target is reached.

The MediEssence™ Diet Program is designed so that you can safely repeat it at two month intervals. We have designed the program in this fashion with the understanding that weight loss is not a static phenomenon nor a one off achievement, as it is so often presented in the lay press and product literature. Rather, the MediEssence™ Diet Program views diet as a two stage process. The first stage is the achievement of tour desired body weight through targeted weight loss, whether this requires a single MediEssence™ Diet Program cycle or multiple cycles. Once this target weight is achieved it must be defended as the body adjusts to its new weight set point. This is not a passive process. Rather it requires daily vigilance on your part, and early intervention to prevent rebound weight gain. The following section will outline how this is done in the MediEssence™ Diet Program.

The MediEssence™ Program Stage I

You begin Day #1 of the MediEssence™ Diet Program by going to the bathroom and weighing yourself without clothes. It is important that you develop this habit to be part of your daily routine, not only when on the MediEssence™ Diet Program but for weight surveillance once you have finished the Diet Stage. your weight can vary throughout the day as a function of hydration, food intake, bowel movements, etc. Weighing yourself at the same time each day upon waking removes much of this variability and allows the daily weights to be used for comparison and tracking. The weight reading must then be recorded along with the date and the Day # of the Diet Stage or Surveillance.

Next, the you will take the MediEssence™ sublingual drops by placing a dose (0.2cc) of the medicine beneath your tongue and holding it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. Following this, you will drink 8 ounces of water and swallow the MediEssence™ Pill.

After this it is time to drink the first of the day's three Meal Replacement Shakes that will take the place of breakfast lunch and dinner. The Meal Replacement comes in two flavors, vanilla or chocolate, and is contained in the foil packets you received with your MediEssence™ Diet Program Kit. The Meal Replacement Shake is made by emptying the contents of one packet into 8 ounces of water that has been placed in the MediEssence™ Shaker you received with your MediEssence™ Diet Program Kit. Screw the cap on the shaker and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. That is all there is to it! You have just made yourself breakfast. Enjoy it, but remember that it is important that you drink this first meal replacement shake within 30 minutes of waking. Doing so will speed up your metabolism for the day and accelerate the rate of fat burning.

At lunch time, the patient will again drink 8 ounces of water and then drink the second meal replacement shake. Maintaining a high level of hydration will not only speed the rate of fat burning, it will also increase your energy level and physical and mental performance over the course of the day.

For dinner, you will take the last of the day's three MediEssence™ Meal Rreplacement Shakes and the day's second MediEssence™ Diet Pill while drinking 8 ounces of water. You should go to bed about three hours after taking the MediEssence™ Meal Replacement and the MediEssence™ Diet Pill. It is important that you maximize the number of hours of sleep you get during the MediEssence™ Diet Stage to accelerate fat loss.

In addition to the three mealtimes, you will drink an additional 8 ounces of water twice daily, half way between breakfast and lunch, and again half way between lunch and dinner.You will follow this simple routine every day for the one or two weeks you are on the MediEssence™ Diet Program. On the one week program, we expect you to lose 5-10lbs of body weight, and on the two week program between 10 and 15 lbs, although results may vary.

The MediEssence™ Stage II: Surveillance

In reality, this represents the time interval between MediEssence™ Diet Stages, i.e. the rest of your life when you are not dieting. Your body will take some time to consolidate your weight loss and recognize the new target weight you have achieved as the set point it will defend henceforward. Then too, we recognize the circumstances of your life include periods of business travel, vacation, holidays, family celebrations, etc. During these times, you may eat more food, as well as more fattening foods, than you consume during your normal daily regimen. This is where the habit of daily morning weighings becomes especially important.

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true when it comes to weight control. The area with which most people have trouble, no matter how successful they have been in dieting, is maintaining the target weight they have achieved at the end of their diet. Intuitively we know that it is easier to correct small changes early rather than to tackle large changes at a later date in time. Yet most people on most diet plans, chuck their scales and cease to pay attention to what they are eating once they have finished their diet. They just fall back to "business as usual", and they are surprised and disappointed when weeks later they see that their weight has crept up to or even surpassed what it was when they had started their diet.

This is where the habit of daily morning weighings you developed during the MediEssence™ Diet Stage becomes so important. You will continue to do this even after you have finished the diet stage. When you notice that your weight has increased to 2lbs or greater than the target weight you achieved at the end of your diet, you will begin to take the meal replacement shakes on the same schedule that you took them when you were on the MediEssence™ Diet Program. The only difference is that you will not take the MediEssence™ Drops or Pills. Once you have returned to your target weight, you will discontinue the meal replacement shakes and return to eating your regular meals.

However, if you have gained 5lbs or more over your target weight, and at least 2 months have passed since you last completed the MediEssence™ Diet Program, we recommend that you repeat the diet to return to your target weight, or perhaps even a couple of pounds below it, to allow yourself a little buffer. This will usually entail your doing the shorter one week MediEssence™ Diet Program. It will allow you to efficiently combat any post-diet weight gain and quickly return to your target weight.

A cardinal principle of the MediEssence™ Diet Program is that maintaining your ideal weight is not a one time fix, but a continuous process. Your experience with MediEssence™ will not only sharpen your awareness and surveillance of your weight, but also give you the tools to quickly and efficiently combat any changes in your weight that our busy lifestyles sometimes cause.

What makes the MediEssence™ Diet Program different from conventional diets?

The MediEssence™ Diet Program targets weight loss from the deepest areas of fat collection, the visceral fat. Not only does this fat have the most influence on the patient's figure, creating bulges and fullness in the abdomen, hip, buttocks and thighs, but it is also the most metabolically active, and therefore, most dangerous fat in the body.

By accelerating the burning of this fat, MediEssence™ achieves the quickest change in your overall shape, while preserving muscle mass, and improving your overall health. The short course of the diet allows patient's to see these changes quickly, thus strengthening their compliance and adherence to the diet, and increasing the odds of its successful completion.